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Group Counseling

We will not be offering groups this spring due to COVID-19.  You can still register for a group so we have your information on file for fall groups to start September 15, 2020. 

  • Accidental Overdose (10 weeks) 

  • Suicide Loss (10 weeks

  • Spouse Loss (8 weeks)

  • General Loss (8 weeks)

Cost is $50.00 for the complete 8 or 10 week group.


To register for Group or Individual Counseling, click on a registration button below or call 330.593.5959


See "Services" above for a full explanation of group counseling

Kelly's Grief Center is located at Acorn Alley II

135 East Erie Street, Suite 302

Kent OH 44240


To get to 135 East Erie Street you must enter thorough 175 East Erie Street via the elevator to the right of the stairs on Erie Street or at the top of the stairs.


Kelly Marie Reeves was born August 10, 2001.  She was a loving and delightful child, full of wonder and amazement.  Her smile lit the world and made our family whole.


Kelly died suddenly on December 18, 2002. In her 16th months here, she touched many hearts and will be forever missed by all who loved her.


Since Kelly’s death, our family has benefited from professional grief counseling. Counseling services have allowed us to function, assimilate Kelly’s death and memorialize her appropriately. Through Kelly’s Grief Center, counseling services will be available to those struggling with loss.


Cathy, Bob,

Joey and Nick



Kelly Reeves

Bob, Cathy, Kelly,

Joe and Nick Reeves

Cathy and Bob Reeves share their story login

You can locate your counselor on EMDRRemote with this button. Search your counselor's name to begin your session. 

View the Center

Kelly's Grief Center offers a comfortable space for people of all ages.


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Individual Counseling

For bio's on each counselor please click on a name below. 


Please call 330-593-5959 to schedule an appointment with any of the obove counselors.

Group Counseling

Groups will start the week of January 16, 2023. 

  • Accidental Overdose (10 weeks)

  • Perinatal Loss (10 weeks) 

  • Suicide Loss (10 weeks

  • Spouse/General Loss (8 weeks)

To register for Group click on registration button below or call 330.593.5959


See "Services" above for a full explanation of group counseling.

Kelly's Grief Center is located at 

2275 State Route 59

Kent OH 44240


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