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Kelly's Grief Center

Receptionist desk

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Kelly's Grief Center

Tree of Hope

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Kelly's Grief Center

Reception area

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Kelly's Grief Center

Group room

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Kelly's Grief Center

Conference/Dining Room

Kelly's Grief Center

Counselor offices

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Kelly's Grief Center

Back yard

Individual Counseling

For bio's on each counselor please click on a name below. 


Please call 330-593-5959 to schedule an appointment with any of the obove counselors.

Group Counseling

Groups will start the week of January 16, 2023. 

  • Accidental Overdose (10 weeks)

  • Perinatal Loss (10 weeks) 

  • Suicide Loss (10 weeks

  • Spouse/General Loss (8 weeks)

To register for Group click on registration button below or call 330.593.5959


See "Services" above for a full explanation of group counseling.

Kelly's Grief Center is located at 

2275 State Route 59

Kent OH 44240


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