Winter Groups 2021

I was in the Suicide Loss group.  I learned so much!  I loved Phyllis and Maria.  I loved meeting people in a similar situation.  I loved the homework and all the materials provided.  I had a big break through doing homeowrk!  I loved the tissue paper exercise. SP 4/6/21

This group made me realize that I am not the only one dealing with this grief.  Also helped me immensely with my grieving process and have got to know other people and made some friends.  PS 3/31/21

If it were not for Phyllis I would have not learned to express myself through my writting and talkng.  RH  2/15/20

Has been a very good experience.  Has helped me through my grief with individual counseling as well as a support group.  Thank you for what you do here!  BL 11/18/19

Kelly's Grief Center gave me tools to work through the stages of my grief. KM 11/18/19

Phyllis has been my counselor at Kelly's for some time now.  Many things we've worked on and honestly without her help my emotional state wouldn't be healthy.  Thank you for helping with my everyday living. Try EMDR!  PH  6/12/19

Very understanding, helpful, not judgmental, helps me understand.  Don't hold nothing back about your life, let them know.  They can help.  HS  12/3/18

Winter Groups 2019
  • Kelly's I would say, it is the only program in my county that is number 1, no one else can come close!  Show up every week - for the 8 weeks, you will feel like you had an angel with you every meeting.  CMF  7/2/19

  • Caring, informative and so much more.  Most worth it.  Please give it a chance.  MB  7/2/19

Spring Groups 2019
  • Thank you for helping me in this journey called life.  P.G.

  • Kelly's Grief Center offers a comfortable environment to come and work    through difficult issues. The extremely knowledgeable staff helped me work through the loss of my son and helped me understand my feelings. Highly recommend it!  A.P.

  • After losing my son to suicide I didn't think I could go on.  Kelly's Grief Center was recommended by a friend.  I am forever grateful.  The road is long, but Kelly's is with me and I don't feel so alone.  A.F.

  • My group and counselor helped me immensely.  I am so happy I attended!  P.T.

  • It helped me get started in the right direction.  C.R.

Fall Groups 2018
  • The overall experience was very helpful. Everyone was kind and
    compassionate. I'm definitely in a better place than where I started.  C.K.

  • Very helpful.  I think it will be helpful for losing others in the future.  C.D.

  • The individual and group counseling services are wonderful.  J.K.

  • After the loss of my wife I was completely devastated and unsure how my son's and my lives were going to be. The counseling services my son and I have been able to take have been instrumental in our journey through grief and rebuilding our lives.  We both have gained so many valuable coping mechanisms that have made this difficult journey less painful. B.L.

 Spring Groups 2018
  • ​I so appreciate the care and love Phyllis and Jena put into our group!  The whole thing was very helpful and the dinner helps break the ice.  Thank you.  S.H.

  • Although my loss happend 2 years earlier, I'm glad I came because I realized that I was still grieving.  I'm grateful for this experience.  D.B.

  • Phyllis has saved my sanity.  I don't know where I would be without Kelly's.  The group was helpful in so many ways - comfort, bonding, learning, sharing tears.  Jena has been a breath of fresh air - young and compassionate. S.W.

St. Francis de Sales Group Spring 2018
  • ​Kelly's Grief Center has really helped give me tools to help me deal with this sad experience and all other experience in my future.  Thank you!  K.L.

  • Picking my mantra "No one will still my Joy!"  L.P.

  • Phyllis and Kelly's Grief Center have given me so many tools and help me to realize how to heal from my grief.  I believe I can learn how to live with the grief, instead of in it. J.G.

Picture of Nick and Kelly Reeves

Nick and Kelly Reeves

Individual Counseling

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Group Counseling

We will be offering groups via telehealth this spring scheduled to start the week of September 13, 2021. 

  • Accidental Overdose (10 weeks)

  • Perinatal Loss (8 weeks) 

  • Suicide Loss (10 weeks

  • Spouse/General Loss (8 weeks)

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